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Our Story

Good for you, good for Earth.

Ohmmm is a new way of doing personal care: all-natural, minimal carbon footprint, plant-based, sensitive-skin-friendly, zero-waste, and zero-plastic. We empower users to live more sustainably while experiencing quality enjoyment with total peace-of-mind.

We make our products with special care & love, in small batches. All Ohmmm products feature natural ingredients native to Asia, steeped in history and culture. We believe in building up and giving back to the community, and safeguarding the environment. We only utilize reusable or highly-recyclable materials for packaging. Ohmmm is also committed to top-notch performance and value-for-money across all its solutions. Humility and the desire to produce the best guide our decisions daily.

Our Values 

Direct - from our heart to your hands
Humble - we come from humble beginnings and we respect Nature's bounties
Natural - our aspiration is to be simple and pure, just like our products


Our Products

The Canopy Series of salon-grade haircare products consists of a water-activated powder shampoo and conditioner bar.

Ohmmm was founded in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when there were initial positive signs for sustainability as the air cleared up over many cities globally and wildlife returned. However, hopes of greater gains in areas such as single-use plastics consumption proved temporary as disposable masks, largely made of plastic, became an essential tool for health & safety.

Against this tide, we remain optimistic and passionate that consumers looking for quality and want to take concrete action on reducing plastic pollution will see the value in our products. Ohmmm signifies peace and oneness with nature, and we seek to complement the needs of both Man and Nature in our personal care solutions.


Water-activated formulations require much less preservatives to maintain the same (or longer) shelf life as its liquid counterparts. It also has the advantage of being travel-friendly due to its light weight.

Most liquid shampoos & cleansers also employ thickening agents, mostly made of synthetic chemicals, to maintain its consistency, stability, and generate extra lather. These chemicals tend to cling to the hair and skin, requiring the use of more water to rinse off. Ohmmm's Canopy Powder shampoo avoids this issue by virtue of its solid form.  As a result, it rinses off more easily & cleanly.

Plastic-Free Packaging

We source our bamboo and hemp string for the shampoo bottle from FSC-certified, sustainably-grown and -harvested forests in Southern China. Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant and can grow anywhere from 10 - 890 cm (4 - 35 inches) per day!  Hemp is also a fast-growing and very versatile plant. Twisted hemp fibers formed the material of some of the very first man-made ropes and strings. Both bamboo and hemp are highly-renewable and grow easily in most soil types, through organic means, and have extensive root systems that help prevent soil erosion.


Having worked in the personal care industry, regarded as the no.2 plastic polluter among consumer industries, I am aware of the health and environmental challenges. Almost every person alive ingests microplastics through the air, food, and water, on a daily basis. It contributes to increased incidence of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and hormonal imbalances leading to various chronic illnesses.

Seeing loved ones' lives cut short in their prime, possibly due to plastic pollution’s effects, was visceral. These experiences coupled with the desire to invest my passion, time, and effort in meaningful change sparked the idea of creating Ohmmm - Products made of beneficial natural ingredients, with plastic-free packaging, and delivering quality performance.

There is also a need for a holistic approach to achieve a meaningful reduction in plastic pollution. This means partnering with mainstream, high-volume players within the supply chain to influence and reorient their mindset, operations, and execution. I hope to show a way forward by setting social responsibility expectations with these partners. When replicated, this approach will effect change more rapidly and at-scale than a collection of boutique alternatives.

After more than a year of hard work and experimenting, here we are at our humble beginnings. Our biggest motivation lies in our belief that little actions can make big impacts. We also hope that you will choose to take this small step with us, in building an even more eco-friendly and sustainable world for our own sake and that of future generations.

From our heart to your hands, Daniel


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