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Zoom Canopy Haircare 3-in-1 Set
Zoom Canopy Haircare 3-in-1 Set

Canopy Haircare 3-in-1 Set

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What’s Included
1 Bottle (113g / 4oz) award-winning Canopy Water-Activated Powder Shampoo
1 Canopy Conditioner Bar (110g / 3.9oz)
1 Canopy Pure Bamboo Detangler (166mm / 6.5in)

What It Is
Beauty Insider's Best Natural/Organic Shampoo 2022. Plastic-free, plant-based water-activated powder shampoo that is great for your hair & scalp, and even better for the earth! 1 bottle replaces 3 X 400ml (14fl. oz) liquid shampoo & prevents 1lb of marine plastic.
Say hello to a revitalized scalp with concentrated powder that’s chock full of naturally-derived ingredients such as coconut oil and sea salt, and completely free of sulfates, plastic, parabens, silicones, and artificial chemicals.

Suitable for: all hair types, especially for anyone with sensitive, damaged, or delicate scalp.

🌱 Plant-based, artificial-chemical-free formula that stops scalp itch & acne, is gentle, and restorative
🌱 All-natural ingredients for shinier, smoother, and fuller hair
🌱 Zero-plastic formulation and packaging
🌱 Zero-waste with infinitely-reusable bottle & zero-plastic refill packs
🌱 Great Value: 150+ salon-quality washes

Note: Additional space in the bottle is to allow you to shake and loosen any powder that may have settled during storage or transportation.


  • Plant-based with natural ingredients for Salon-quality Scalp-care; Anti-Dandruff + Stops Scalp-Sensitivity/Itch/Acne quickly & effectively. Coconut oil, sea salt, and cornstarch combine to powerfully cleanse yet remain gentle to the most sensitive scalps. Salicylic acid fights acne & dandruff, and helps treat various scalp conditions. Powder also acts as a mild scalp scrub to deep cleanse the scalp. Say goodbye to harsh chemical allergy & acne-prone / itchy / sensitive scalp forever!
  • Anti-Frizz, Anti-Hairfall, Volumizing; get Shinier hair. Keratin, collagen, niacinamide, and panthenol combine to improve scalp circulation, reduce hair fall, strengthen hair roots, and promote hair growth & moisture retention! Harsh chemicals strip hair of its natural oils, leading to excessively dry or oily hair & scalp, and hair fall. Quality ingredients in Canopy shampoo thoroughly nourishes hair & scalp, restoring its natural oil balance & shine!
  • Travel-friendly. Bring onboard plane cabins, on your road trips, or staycations. Keep up your salon-quality haircare regimen on-the-road. Up to 85% lighter than liquids: easy-to-carry & spill-proof!
  • Great Value: 1 Bottle replaces 3 Bottles of 14fl. oz (400ml) Liquids. Concentrated powder formulation gives 150+ salon-quality washes per bottle (up to 10 months' alternate-day use, depending on hair length and desired lathering)
  • Protects Earth: Plastic-free, Infinitely-reusable Bottle; Refill available. Canopy Shampoo bottles are plastic-free & refillable. Click to shop refills. Powder rinses off more cleanly & easily, reducing water consumption in use. Compact & light form-factor lowers transport carbon footprint by up to 80%. All-natural ingredients also safe for soil and marine life & environment.

Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate (coconut source), Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sea Salt, Hydrolyzed Keratin, DL-Pathenol, Cornstarch, Hydrolyzed Collagen, L-Menthol, Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid
There is no added fragrance or essential oil in this product. 

How to use?

  1.   Wet hair thoroughly.
  2.   Pour a teaspoon of powder onto the palm and add drops of water.
  3.   Massage directly into hair. To generate more lather, sprinkle a few more drops of water and continue to massage both hair and scalp.
  4.   For long hair, repeat steps 2 and 3 as required.
  5.   Rinse hair with water.

Conditioner Bar
What It Is
Rich in high-quality and minimally-processed vegan oils including argan oil, castor oil, camellia oil, and olive oil, Canopy conditioner bar completes your hair regimen by gently moisturizing your locks. It is even gentler on the planet with plastic-free packaging! 1 bar replaces replaces 3 X 400ml (14fl. oz) liquid conditioner & prevents 1lb of marine plastic. Pair the conditioner bar with Canopy Water-activated Powder Shampoo for a complete home hair spa treat!

Free of: Sulfates, Plastic, Parabens, Silicones, Artificial Chemicals, Cruelty
Suitable for
: All hair types

🌱 Plant-based & artificial-chemical-free formula that is highly-moisturizing & rinses off cleanly
🌱 All-natural ingredients for shinier, smoother, and fuller hair
🌱 Zero-plastic formulation and packaging
🌱 Zero-waste
🌱 Great Value: 180+ washes (up 1 year alternate-day usage)


  • Moisturized, Softer, Shinier Hair as the premium vegan oils (argan, camellia, castor, and olive oil) work their magic on your tresses!
  • Lasting, Light Fragrance from a touch of bergamot essential oil ensures your hair smells fresh & luxurious all-day.
  • Plant-based & all-Natural Formulation rinses off cleanly, leaves no greasy / sticky residue behind
  • Great Value good for 120+ salon-quality washes each bar (up to 1 year alternate-day use)

Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Camellia Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Silk Amino Acid, Kelp Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Persicaria Tinctoria Powder, BTMS-50, Vitamin E-tocopherol

How to use?

  1.   Wet the hands and rub the conditioner bar vigorously in-between the palms to generate a layer of conditioner.
  2.   Apply the layer of conditioner from mid-length to end of the hair.
  3.   Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add more conditioner onto the hair.
  4.   Rinse off the conditioner with water.

Bamboo Detangler

What It Is
Made from 100% Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified raw bamboo. Use Canopy detangler for smooth, static-free locks and a fitting finale to your hair regimen! True to Ohmmm's brand values, it is free of any harsh chemical, varnish, or wax coating. and gentle on the planet. 

Suitable for: all hair types


  • Static-free detangling
  • Improved scalp circulation for better hair growth & strength
  • Unique grain pattern for every piece
  • Wide tooth suitable for use on both dry or wet hair
  • Zero-waste

100% Bamboo


  • Keep vertical in a dry place after use to ensure longevity
  • Grain variation and the resultant tonal variation of the Ohmmm logo print is a naturally occurring property of bamboo and not a product defect

Canopy Haircare 3-in-1 Set

$62.00 Regular price $67.00

All-Natural Ingredients

We carefully select & source all ingredients to ensure that they are safe for you and the environment. All Ohmmm products are free from Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones, Artificial Chemicals and Animal-Cruelty!

Plastic-Free Solutions

The Personal Care industry is the second-largest plastic polluter! So we set out on this mission to go completely plastic-free in both our formulation and packaging

Water-Activated Formulation

Regular liquid personal care products can contain up to 90% water. Ohmmm products are solid form (either powder or bar) to retain maximum concentration of the nourishing formulation. Light, travel-friendly, and activated as and when you choose to use it!


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Are your products cruelty-free?

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Where can I buy your products?

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When does your product expire?

All Ohmmm Care products have a shelf life of 3 years (6 months after opening). 

Are your products safe for use for all ages?

Yes, our products are safe to use for all ages. Some products come in glass bottles so we recommend handling with care.

Are your products completely natural?

Yes! As far as possible, we strive to only use beneficial ingredients that come from natural sources. We also have a high level of quality control to ensure they are safe, stable, and effective for your needs. Rest assured that we take utmost care in making sure that gentle and low-hazard ingredients are used in our formulas.


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