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Reduction at Source as the Guiding Principle for a Purpose-driven Startup

Why we do what we do as a Purpose-driven Startup

Conventional businesses mostly operate on a model of what we would term as 'Pollute & Offset / Reduce'. So these enterprises would be looking to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and defining actions to tackle Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 reductions.

For a purpose-driven and zero-waste-native business like Ohmmm, it’s a different approach. We strongly believe it’s applicable regardless of where the business is actually headquartered, and ours happen to be in Singapore.

The focus is on 3 main areas:

  • First, weight reduction & minimal packaging

Waterless form factor ensures that our solutions are at 70-90% lighter than conventional liquids, with the attendant 70% reduction in carbon footprint. This automatically scales as sales grow. Minimal or zero packaging at production as well as point-of-sale helps

  • Second, regional & local sourcing where possible

Singapore’s unique context means that fully local-sourced ingredients at a wholesale level are nigh-on impossible. Even local wholesale producers rely mostly on imports for raw materials. However, keeping ingredient sources local + regional is possible and highly desirable (even in today’s globalized supply chain context) with a considered, methodical approach to formulation and keeping close enough tabs on sources of supply.

Regional & local sourcing reduces the transportation distance of the ingredients by 50-80% compared to conventional multinational sourcing processes, with the attendant significant reduction in carbon footprint. It also helps keep our solutions authentic and provides a unique customer experience, delivering you from the daily tribulations of scalp sensitivity. Granting peace of mind enjoyment to bring out the best version of you!

  • Third, direct-to-customer & zero emissions delivery

Keeping our channels mainly online with limited edition brick-and-mortar pop-ups reduces significant transport, carbon, and packaging waste by ensuring stocks only appears where they are needed, when they are needed. Permanent brick-and-mortar establishments only serve to increase carbon footprint through utility consumption, excessive packaging & display materials.

Finally, our recently launched in-house zero-emissions (next business day) delivery (available in select jurisdictions) completes the circle of Reduction at Source.

Minimizing the business’ carbon footprint by design is the obvious choice for a startup like Ohmmm. It obviates the need for carbon offsets and scales directly with business growth. It is also free from the vagaries of external forces and differences in moral & ethical viewpoints of 3rd party collaborators.

What’s not to like about Reduction at Source?


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