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Sample Store: This Water-activated Powder Shampoo Is The Answer To Hair Troubles For ALL Hair Types

Have you tried dozens of different shampoos claiming to treat hair loss, damaged, frizzy, or dry hair, dandruff, oily scalp, dullness, or lack of volume…only to find that none of them actually works? I know I have.

Trust me, I’ve tried at least 20 different types of shampoos, and maybe one or two had a SLIGHT improvement, but were either way too expensive to sustain or stopped working after a while. Whenever I went to the salon, I would inevitably find out from my trusted hairstylist of over 20 years that even my overpriced shampoos were still damaging my hair with all the preservatives and artificial foaming agents…leading to clogged pores on my scalp that often result in hair loss and even scalp acne. And Singapore’s humid weather just makes every hair problem magnified.

Most liquid shampoos contain thickening agents, synthetic fragrances, chemicals to create extra lather. Not to mention the non-biodegradable plastic packaging that comes with every single bottle we use, creating more trash for our already over-crowded landfills.

Since then, I’ve been looking for a natural, silicone-free shampoo that helps with my complicated hair troubles, that doesn’t deplete my wallet or contribute to product buildup on my hair and scalp. And that’s when I found Ohmmm’s Canopy Water Activated Powder Shampoo.

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